Powerful Tools for a Great Experience


The whiteboard is a main feature, on which the hosts and guests can write, draw figures, erase and copy. The data immediately appears to all participants.


The hosts and guests can share files and presentations (PDF, PPT, DOC and images). One can make annotations, switch pages or point on a specific part in the presentation and the view is automatically synchronized between all participants.


Advanced echo cancellation technology enables fast and reliable audio conversation between multiple participants.


Use your webcam for meetings and discussions.

Screen Sharing

Users may share their entire screen or an application using a fast streaming advanced technology.

Text Editor

Users can edit a document simultaneously.


The chat enable users to interact with each other and ask questions in a fast and unobtrusive way.


Share videos with all participants.

LMS Integration

Unicko integrates with your LMS - Learning Management Systems (e.g. Moodle).


Measure the effectiveness of your sessions in real time, so you can adapt and improve.