LMS Integration (LTI)

Add a new tool to a single Moodle course:

Add a new activity and choose 'External tool':

Create the external tool:

Click on the 'plus' icon next to the 'Precoonfigured tool':

Configure the external tool:

  1. Tool name - enter 'Unicko Online Meeting' or the equivalent in your language.
  2. Tool base URL - enter https://lti.unicko.com/meeting
  3. Enter your Consumer Key.
  4. Enter your Consumer Secret.
  5. Default launch container - select 'Embed'.
  6. Icon URL - enter https://lti.unicko.com/meeting/icon.png
  7. Privacy - Share launcher's email with tool - Select 'Always'.

Use the external tool:

Select 'Unicko Online Meeting' when creating a new activity: