Frequently Asked Questions

I can't hear other participants
If you can't hear other participants in the room, there may be a problem with your computer or speakers.

Make sure your speakers are connected and check the speakers volume.
Test your speakers in another site, e.g., YouTube.

Try refreshing the page.

Close all browser windows, reopen and reconnect.

Restart your computer.

I can't hear very well

Close other running programs and brwoser tabs and refresh the page.

Increase the speakers volume (physical button on the speakers).

Increase the speakers volume in your computer.

Increase the browser volume in the computer's mixer.

Sound is intermittent

Your internet connection is probably not stable. Try getting closer to the router or use a cable and plug directly into the router.

Other participants can't hear me on my microphone

Make sure you have permission to start using the microphone - the icon should be orange or green.

Allow browser's request to microphone use. This request appears only once.

Make sure michrophone connection fits the computer. Some computers have joint headset and microphone connector while others have two seperate connectors.

Make sure your microphone isn't muted (physical botton on microphone).

Check that your microphone isn't muted in your computer's settings:
Step I - right click on the speaker icon at the bottom of the screen and select 'recording devices'.

Step II - select the active microphone and click on 'properties'.

Step III - select the 'levels' tab and increase microphone volume (90-100).

try selecting another microphone from the list.