Unicko for Education

Schools, Colleges & Universities

Unicko rooms are designed for classes and seminars. You can give a lecture with audio and video conferencing, write on a whiteboard and display a presentation. You may also want to run a programming code or view a 3D object. Unicko rooms have all the necessary tools for interactive and successful studying.

The interface is user-friendly and especially designed for session with many participants. The view is synchronized between all participants and supports collaboration and co-editing.

At Unicko, each user can be either a teacher or a student. For convenience, users may participate in numerous rooms. Unicko integrates with your learning management system (LMS) so that connection is easy and intuitive.

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Private Teachers & Schools

Unicko rooms are build for private teaching, enabling you to expand your tutoring techniques into the virtual world. You may want to pass a lesson with audio and video, but you may also need to view files and write on a whiteboard. Unicko rooms have it all.

The platform is intuitive, easy to use and specifically optimized for penabled tablets. All features are one click away.

At Unicko, each user can be either a teacher or a student. Easily connect from the comfort of your home or office and reach students everywhere - all you need is an internet connection (no installation is required).

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